Nevada City, CA
Parklet- Friar Tuck's Restaurant
Application to the City Engineer for an Outdoor Dining Encroachment Permit to construct a “Parklet” over two on-street parking spaces in front of 107 and 111 North Pine Street. The Parklet will be used for outdoor dining associated with the Friar Tuck’s restaurant. The applicant will improve the space by constructing a raised deck platform to be flush with the existing sidewalk curb. The platform will be enclosed by a three foot high metal rail consistent with the Pine Street Bridge rail design for four out of seven rail sections. A protective bollard will be placed at each end of the platform. Ordinance 2022-10 established standards for the permitting of outdoor dining operations within the City Right-of-Way through an Encroachment Permit process as outlined in Section 12.05 of the City Municipal Code.

Link to Application Material
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