Nevada City, CA
Variance- 514 Nevada Street

Property owners, Dan Richards and Eileen Parker are requesting a setback Variance to accommodate an existing encroachment, as well as a porch extension and new addition within the 30 foot front-yard setback. The Variance would also allow a rear addition beyond the thresholds allowed as a legal, non-conforming building.  The property is 0.23 acres in size and is developed with a 1,027 sf residence, constructed in 1930. The applicant is asking that the commission consider preservation of an existing mature tree in the rear yard, as well as maintaining an aesthetic that is “compatible with mother lode era construction where parts of a building are added over time”  as a “hardship argument” if the owners are required to maintain the front setback. They also cite a number of neighboring residences that encroach into the front yard setback.

Link to Distribution Notice and Application Material 

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