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Nevada City Courthouse

The city has long advocated for the State Judicial Council to maintain the Nevada County Courthouse in its current location.  Discussion began many years ago about the need for an updated local courthouse when the state legislature enacted in 2008 SB 1407 that provided up to $5 billion to fund critically needed new and renovated court facilities in the state.  The Nevada County Courthouse project was ranked as an “immediate need” making it a high priority for funding.  The 2010 city council adopted Resolution No. 2010-43 in July of that year advocating for the courthouse to remain in its current location.

The project recently was put back on track with a committee formed by local court administrator Jason Galkin and the State Judicial Council.  Mayor Strawser represents the city on this focus group that has representation from throughout the state.  To assist the mayor in presenting the city’s position on this matter, staff is putting together a packet of information previously compiled that includes a feasibility study funded by the city in 2015 as well as other supporting documents.  At their regular meeting held January 26, 2022, the current City Council reaffirmed their position, signing Resolution 2022-10, declaring the present nevada county courthouse location as the preferred site for a new courthouse in nevada city for the preservation of an historic building and for the city’s economic stability

2011 New Nevada City Courthouse, draft EIR volume I
2011 New Nevada City Courthouse, draft EIR volume II (appendices)
Nevada City Courthouse Feasibility Study ( Supporting Document 1, Supporting Documents 2)
Courthouse Proposed Parking 
Schematic of Parking at Spring Street Lot
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