Nevada City, CA
377 Wyoming

PROJECT: Property owner, Garrett Chow is proposing to construct a 2,200 square foot residence and a detached garage/ADU structure.  The primary residence will be constructed on an existing graded pad area, some portions of which encroach within the 100-foot setback of  Deer Creek. Biologist, Greg Matuzak has evaluated the encroachment as part of a Biological Inventory prepared for the project. A Site Plan has been prepared by Atmosphere Design Build,  showing that a significant area of the subject parcel is encumbered by steep slopes of 30% or greater and by the creek setback. Due to the grading and construction proposed to encroach within the 100-foot Deer Creek setback, the applicant is requesting a Variance from the code Section 17.80.120 of the City Municipal Code.

Variance Application

Site Plan

Biological Inventory, dated January 2021 by Greg Matuzak

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