Nevada City, CA
PG&E Tree Removal

At the August 26, 2020 meeting PG&E presented their plan to remove a total of 263 trees within Nevada City around and beneath a power line system along West Broad Street and Orchard Street, including 103 on City property within the right-of-way or within Pioneer Cemetery and 160 trees on private properties. The tree removal is proposed as part of PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Plan and to improve chances of keeping the line energized during high-winds triggering Public Safety Power Shut off (PSPS) events. At that meeting, PG&E representative JoAnne Drummond indicated that they have a legal obligation to remove all of the trees outlined in their spreadsheet.  The Planning Commission communicated concerns about the number of trees being removed and scheduled a special meeting for September 1, 2020 to consider mitigation measures for the loss of the trees.   However, at that meeting Drummond indicated that she has no authority to approve mitigation funds for the loss of trees, though she could pass on a request. The City Council authorized the Mayor to sign a letter requesting reconsideration of trees per an evaluation of City-hired arborist, Zeno Acton of Acton Arboriculture.

PG&E Tree Removal Material Submitted to the City:
Spreadsheet of trees planned for removal
PG&E's Arborist Letter - Defines "Danger Tree" - 8/5/2020
PG&E's Wildfire Safety Project Explanation - 8/7/2020
PG&E's Tree Removal Map

City-hired Arborist Report, Acton Arboriculture:
Arborist Report
Tree Assessment

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