Nevada City, CA
Variance- 980 Helling Way

Application by Complete Wireless Consulting to allow installation of a generator that exceeds noise standards pursuant to  Section 17.150.070 A.15(b)  of the City Municipal Code, and which regulates facility noise as follows:


At no time shall equipment noise from any facility exceed an exterior noise level of fifty-five (55) dBA three (3) feet from the source of the noise if the facility is located in the public right-of-way adjacent to a business, commercial, manufacturing, utility or school zone; provided, however, that for any such facility located within five hundred (500) feet of any property zoned residential or improved with a residential use, such equipment noise shall not exceed forty-five (45) dBA three (3) feet from the sources of the noise.


The subject property is zoned multi-family residential and is located approximately 60-feet from a County residential facility known as the Odyssey House. They are proposing to install an emergency generator, which when in operation, will exceed the 45 dBA level at three feet from the source.   The applicant is seeking a Variance from this noise standard.

  Distribution Notice and Application Material

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