Nevada City, CA
Swimming Pool

Summer 2023 at the Nevada City Swimming Pool
Location:  Pioneer Park (423 Nimrod St.)
All Program information will be available in April 2023.
Public Swim
Public Swim times are for the whole family. 

FAQ's about Public Swim
What is the swim test?
Children need to pass a swim test to swim in the deep end of the pool.  The test involves swimming the width of the pool.  Swimmers must swim across the pool and back, without stopping or touching the bottom.  They have to use big, freestyle arms and have a steady breathing pattern.  
A lifeguard must administer the swim test and will let you know if you pass.  

Why is a swim test required?
Our job as lifeguards is to ensure patron safety and prevent injuries and drowning.  If someone is swimming in the deep end and they are not a strong enough swimmer, there is a good chance that our lifeguards will have to perform a water rescue to retrieve that weak swimmer.  

Do adults swim during Public Swim times or is it too crazy with a bunch of kids?
There are two lanes in the middle of the pool that are reserved for adults only.  They run the width of the pool, which is 50 feet (approx. 16 yards).

Can I bring my own food into the pool?

Yes, patrons are welcome to bring their own food and drinks.  No alcohol or glass containers are allowed though.

Do you sell food at the pool?
Yes, we have a snack shack with ice cream, chips, and candy.  We only sell packaged items, no "meals" or warm food.

What is Happy Time?
Midway through Public Swim (typically 2p), we have Happy Time.  This is an adult only swim time.  This gives kids a break.  It's a good time for a bathroom break or to eat a snack.  Our Junior Lifeguards or Birthday Party participants might also be in the water at this time.

What are the Pool Rules?
Click here for a list of the rules at our swimming pool.

Private Rentals
Did you ever want to have the whole pool all to yourself?  If so, Private Rentals are for you.  The swimming pool is reserved for you and your guests.  Lifeguards are on duty.

Swim Lessons
Our swim lessons are for children of all ages.  If you are a teenager or adult who needs lessons, Private Lessons might be the best choice for you.  Talk with swimming pool staff about your options.

Junior Lifeguard Camp
This fun and active camp will focus on skills needed to be a lifeguard: communication, decision making, basic responsibilities of a lifeguard, basic knowledge required of lifeguards, and how to be a swim instructor. Our staff will keep program time dynamic and fast paced. There will also be free time for participants to swim. Participants must be 11-14 years old & should be able to swim 30 yards, tread water for 1 minute and swim underwater for 10 feet.

Information about Season Passes, Water Exercise, and Lap Swimming will be available in the Summer Program Guide.

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