Nevada City, CA
Variance- 117 Walrath Avenue
Project Description:

The applicant is proposing to remodel the existing residence and construct a covered porch addition onto the existing residence that already encroached within the standard 30-foot front-yard setback. The porch addition will be 333 square feet and is proposed to be 19.5 feet from the front property line, amounting to a Variance request to allow encroachment within  15.5-feet of the standard setback.

 The applicant is also proposing a garage with second dwelling above that is proposed with a deck and stairwell that encroach within the 25-foot rear setback and the 5-foot eastern side setback. A Site Plan has been prepared indicating setback distances to the eaves of the structure.

 In order to accommodate the new garage and second dwelling, the applicant is proposing to demolish an existing single-car garage. The garage to be demolished is currently encroaching into the rear and side yard setback. The applicant is unsure of the original construction date, but the project architect has indicated that the foundation system is contemporary and that the construction material is a mix of older and contemporary wood, leading him to believe it was constructed somewhat recently using some old materials.

Application Material:

Applications: Variance, Architectural Review, Demolition, Tree Removal

Site Plan/ Elevations

Pictures of garage to be demolished and trees to be removed

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