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Parking Rules

Nevada City Parking Rules: DID YOU KNOW???

Most of us are aware that parking in Downtown Nevada City can be a bit challenging at times. Familiarizing yourself with these common parking rules could be very beneficial for you. Here are some of the most common California Vehicle Code Laws and City Municipal Codes that you should know, especially when parking in Nevada City

You may not park a vehicle in a metered spot longer than what is allowed as seen by the instructions on that meter. (10.28.170 N.C.C.). *See the bright green sticker on the meter.

Parking on hills: no person can park their motor vehicle unattended on a highway on any grade exceeding 3% without blocking the wheels of the vehicle by turning the wheels against the curb or by other means. (22509 C.V.C.). *Reminder is on the bright green sticker on the meter.

Curb markings (21458 C.V.C.):
Red: no stopping, standing, or parking.

(2) Yellow: may stop for loading or unloading purposes only. Loading and unloading of passengers up to 3 minutes, loading and unloading or materials up to 20 minutes. This excludes Sundays and holidays.
White: may stop for loading and unloading of passengers only for up to 3 minutes. This applies all days and hours if the white zone is in front of a hotel.
Green: no standing or parking for more than 20 minutes except holidays and Sundays.

(5) Blue: indicates parking limited exclusively to the vehicles of disabled persons and disabled veterans.

You may not parallel park your vehicle with the right-hand wheels more than 18 inches from the curb (22502a C.V.C.).

A vehicle may be towed after 72 hours of continuous parking on a highway (public street). (22651(k) C.V.C. and 10.28.070 N.C.C.)

You must have current registration tabs on vehicle’s license plate or other indicia of current registration (5204 C.V.C.). *This is a correctable offense*

Hopefully making yourself aware of these most common parking violations will be helpful for you to avoid getting a dreaded Parking Citation in Nevada City. REMEMBER: Our meters in this historic town take coins (quarters dimes and nickels). COST IS ONLY $0.50 AN HOUR! What a bargain! Bring change with you when you visit us! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Click here for the Nevada City Parking Map


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