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Water & Wastewater
Nevada City Wastewater Treatment Plant
From hydraulic mining to recreation at the Yuba River, water has played a major role in Nevada City's history and is an important resource for our community. Nevada City is located close to the headwaters and source of our water supply in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our water seems abundant and plentiful but water conservation and efficiency are important.

Water is a valuable resource! With inevitable changes in supply and demand caused by changing weather patterns and population growth it has never been more important to look at how we use and value water. 

Where does our water come from? Nevada City sources its water from Little Deer Creek and supplements its water supply with water from Nevada Irrigation District (NID) in months of high usage (June - September). Our actions at the headwaters are very important as they not only affect our own community but every community downstream whether it be ecological, rural or urban.


I seem to be having a sewer back-up at my home/business. What do I do? For sewer problems, the City maintains the main sewer lines. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their sewer lateral (the line connecting your home to the City's main line). You should note that your lateral may cross other properties and extend into the street, but repair is still your responsibility.

I have a strong sewer smell in my yard. What do I do?  Call the City immediately. During business hours call City Hall at (530) 265-2496. During evenings and weekends, call (530) 265-2626 to report the problem. A Public Works employee will be dispatched to help you assess the problem.

Drought Action Plan 

The City of Nevada City has adopted a Drought Action Plan, also known as the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. This plan identified actions and procedures to enable the City government to prepare for, identify, and respond to a drought or other water shortage. The objective of the plan is to help Nevada City preserve essential public services and minimize the effects of a water shortage on public health and safety, economic activities, environmental resources, and the individual lifestyles of its community members.


Water Quality Reports


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