Nevada City, CA
City Treasurer

The duties of City of Nevada City Treasurer are set forth in the California Government Code: Sections 41001 through 41007, which outline the primary statutory duties of City Treasurers in general law cities.

Other responsibilities of the City Treasurer include serving on the Audit Committee for the purpose of reviewing the City's monthly warrant registers to ensure that they are correct as submitted; review of the City's Investment Quarterly Reports to ensure that the Investment Policy of the City of Nevada City remains consistent with the City's Investment Policy objectives, current law and economic trends.

The Investment Policy shall be reviewed annually by the City Treasurer and Finance Director. Any revisions to this Investment Policy must be approved by the City Council.

As Treasurer this position is responsible for operations pertaining to the City's finances, revenues and investments. The Treasurer monitors public funds in a dependable, scrupulous and accurate manner in keeping with established municipal guidelines, Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements and California State Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting System laws required by Section 53891 in form prescribed by the State Controller following publishing requirements pursuant to Article 1, Chapter 1, Division 7 title l of the Government Code.

The Treasurer, along with the Director of Finance (designated also as Deputy City Treasurer) and City Manager, serves on the City of Nevada City Audit Committee.

David McKay
(530) 265-2969
Term Expires: June 2022
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