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Employee Parking Program

Downtown Employee Parking Permit Program

Business owners and their employees may purchase an Employee Parking Permit from City Hall. Parking permits are for businesses located in historic downtown. See below for full details of the program or come into City Hall and talk with the Customer Service Representative.

Information -  HERE

Application -  HERE

How it Works:

  • Purchase of Parking Permit will exempt a vehicle from the time zone parking limitation in specified areas, if the parking is part of a commute to work.
  • To be eligible, you must be an owner or employee in the downtown historical district
  • Employee Parking Permits will be good for the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat.
  • The cost is $40 per month. Permits are sold in 6-month increments at $240.00 each. The permit(s) expire December 31 and June 30. (Note: The cost of a permit is prorated during the 6-month period. You only pay for the months remaining during the cycle).

How to Participate:

  • Bring: Proof of employment; vehicle registration(s) of vehicles participating in program.
  • Payment for the permit may be either from the business or the employee.
  • Permits will be valid on a 6-month calendar bases, January-June; July-December
  • To apply for your Parking Permits, arrive in person and please contact City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Mon-Fri 8AM-12: 1PM-5PM.
  • Permits are only issued to the registered owner of the vehicle or vehicles. A permit cannot be passed on to another person.


  • We will waive 1 parking ticket in lien of purchase of a parking permit.
  • There will be a POC fee of $10.00, for any tickets after parking permit purchase, if you fail to place your pass on the window as instructed, only in the designated parking lots, only with a proof of photo.
  • Permit Parking Zones are only valid in the designated all-day parking lots of: Commercial St. Lot (only in the back half beyond the bathrooms), Nevada St. lot and lower lot of Spring St. Lot.
  • Permit Parking EXEMPTS business owners and employees from the parking time zones.
  • Without a Parking Permit, other drivers can park in that zone at any time, but they must adhere to the parking time limit or pay the meter.
  • Permit Parking will eliminate the need for owners/employees to move their vehicles and will increase available prime parking for customers in the downtown.
  • Lost or Stolen permits may be replaced for $20.00
  • A parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve a parking space nor shall it excuse the observance of any traffic or parking regulation, (red zones, not in designated spot, etc). The parking permit does not excuse the holder from moving their vehicles from public streets during a declared snow emergency, special event or other temporary use due to emergency repairs, etc. In most cases temporary signs will be posted with 24 hour notice.

For further information contact City Hall at: (530) 265-2496

      City Hall

      Front Desk

      (530) 265-2496



      317 Broad St.

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