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Engineering FAQs

Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an encroachment permit?

A permit and fees are required for all new construction work in the city. Sometimes a permit is issued without fees if the work is on deteriorated or damaged facilities that encroach on City property, such as sidewalks, roads, sewer lines, etc. Contact City Hall (530-265-2496) for the current fees related to your project.

How do I get a new City Map?

Historical District Maps are $15-$20. Full City Maps are not available at this time. These may be purchased at City Hall; 317 Broad Street.

I have a sewer or water leak, what do I do?
The City delivers water to and through the water meter. Any leak between the water meter and your house or business property is the responsibility of the property owner. If the leak occurs at the water meter or beyond the meter into the street, it is the City’s responsibility to repair it.

For sewer problems the City maintains the main lines. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their sewer lateral (the line connecting your home to the main line). You should note that your lateral may cross other properties and extend into the street, but repair is still your responsibility.

Public Works Staff will gladly work with you to determine what is private and what is City maintained.

What are the standards for sewer & water systems and roads?
The City uses the standard CalTrans specifications for roads, drainage and sidewalks. It uses the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) specifications for water distribution system and the City has its own standards for sewer collection system.
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