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Public Works FAQs

Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a problem to the Public Works Department (pothole in the street, water line problem, etc)?

In addition to the opportunity to Report a Concern via our City website, a problem can be reported during business hours (Monday – Friday; 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm) by calling City Hall at (530) 265-2496. The front counter staff will dispatch a Public Works employee to investigate your emergency or concern. On evenings and weekends, please call the Police Department at (530) 265-2626 and they will contact a Public Works employee.

Why doesn’t the City plow my street, patch pot holes, etc?
If you have a one, two or three digit address and your zip code is 95959, you live within City limits and you can report problems to City Hall. If you have a 5 digit address and have a 95959 zip code, you live in the county and Nevada County Public Works should be maintaining your road. The County can be contacted at (530) 265-1411.

If I have a water leak or sewer overflow what is my responsibility and what is the City’s?
The City delivers water to and through the water meter. Any leak between the water meter and your house or business property is the responsibility of the property owner. If the leak occurs at the water meter or beyond the meter into the street, it is the City’s responsibility to repair it.

For sewer problems, the City maintains the main lines. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their sewer lateral (the line connecting your home to the main line). You should note that your lateral may cross other properties and extend into the street, but repair is still your responsibility.

Public Works Staff will gladly work with you to determine what is private and what is City maintained.

What if I don’t have water pressure or the pressure is low?
The City maintains a water distribution system that is gravity fed. During peak, high demands the water pressure in the system may drop 5 psi (pounds/square inch). If you notice a larger drop in pressure than that, the first thing to look for is a leak on your property, a broken line, an open faucet or hose bib. We will be glad to come out and check your water meter. We will also check pressure at the meter and see if it is a City supply problem or if the problem is after the meter.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalk in front of my house?
Property owners are responsible for the sidewalk connected to their property. Responsibility includes ensuring that bushes and tree branches are trimmed to keep the sidewalk clear and repair to any cracks in the sidewalk. If a tree root is causing damage to the sidewalk, please contact City Hall. A Public Works employee will come out to access if the tree is the City’s responsibility or the home owners.

Does the City pick up our yard waste and can we blow our leaves out into the street?
Waste Management has a yard waste recycle container available. Please contact them at (530) 274-3090. Blowing leaves into the street can be a traffic hazard and for that reason it is not allowed.

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