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Summer Camp Programs
Summer Day Camp 2021
We hope you were able to join us for camps this year.  We are in the final weeks of our camp offerings and all camps are full at this time.  Have a great school year and we will see you next summer. 


Grades: 1-7 (Fall Grade Level)
Dates: July 19-23
Time: 9:30a - 1:00p 
Session Fee: $195 + 6.1% registration fee = $206.90
Location: Seaman’s Lodge
Code: KS121

Camp Theme:  Motor Madness & Physics Fun
Explore electricity and magnetism as we work with different types of motors and design science toys. Build a simple motor that creates motion, and another that spins at high speed. Take a mini motor and turn it into a racer bot. Construct an elastic powered motor as well. Then we will enjoy science fun with other activities like rubber band shooters, mini rockets, make a battery and daily design studio with lots of materials to create with.

Additional Information:
Founder, Mark Bradski, holds a credential in elementary education and is an expert in hands-on science. His goal for students is to instill a love of learning and the ability to solve problems with a scientific approach.  
Each day will be filled with science fun! We will see amazing demonstrations, then build a project to take home and enjoy. There will be many other projects to construct, and every day there will be a time dedicated to a Make It Studio where abundant materials will be available to design, then bring your ideas to life!

Kidscience Website

Chess Wizards Camp

Grades:                   K-8
Dates:                      June 28 - July 2 Code: CW121
August 2-6               Code: CW221
Time:                       9:00a - 12:00p 
Session Fee:          $214 + 6.1% registration fee = $227.05
Location:               Seaman’s Lodge

Say yes to chess! Join Chess Wizards for an interactive, scholastic program where kids will collaborate, gain confidence, improve chess skills, meet new friends, and work out their most powerful muscle – their brains!  Appropriate for beginner to intermediate chess players, our program includes instruction in tactics and strategy, as well as individual game play. Daily breaks are built in for snack, games and plain old running around!  All students will receive a trophy, puzzle folder and wizards t-shirt. Come join the fun!!!

For more information about this camp visit:

Flyer with 2021 Camp Information
Chess Wizards COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Play-Well TEKnologies (Lego) Camp

Adventures in STEM
Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as: Tunnel Boring Machines, Stilt Houses and Teacup Rides. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.

Ages:                     5-8
Dates:                    August 9-13
Time:                      9:00a - 12:00p 
Session Fee:         $160 + 6.1% registration fee = $169.76
Location:               Seaman's Lodge at Pioneer Park
Code:                     PWT221

Bash’em Bots
Traverse challenging obstacles, battle against fellow bots, and take on Play-Well instructor's colossal creations in the Battle Arena. Customize your chassis to become a Minerbot, a Juggernaut, or an Iron Elephant using tens of thousands of LEGO® parts. Apply real-world engineering and physics concepts to help you bash and crash your way to victory.

Ages:                     8-13
Dates:                    August 9-13
Time:                      1:00p - 4:00p 
Session Fee:         $160 + 6.1% registration fee = $169.76
Location:               Seaman's Lodge at Pioneer Park
Code:                     PWT321

Cooking Round the World - Online Camps

Cooking Round the World will not be able to offer in-person classes in Nevada County, but has online camps all summer long.  View their flyers on the City’s website for more details.   Unlike our other programs, registration for these online camps will be taken by Cooking Round the World.  Visit their website for registration details:

Mindy Meyers, Founder of Cooking Round the World, has dedicated her life to helping children embrace that which is different. Through exposure to cooking and eating international foods,  learning about cultural nuances, and understanding world-wide celebrations and practices, children leave a Cooking Round the World experience with a broadened palette, and a desire to explore the world.

Flyer with list of camps for kids ages 6-14
Flyer with list of camps for teens ages 14-18

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