Nevada City, CA
Where can I get a burn permit?
Open burning is not allowed within City limits.

Where do I go to pay fire department fees?
Fees will only be collected at City Hall. (317 Broad St.)

Do I live in the City or the County?
If your home has a one, two or three digit address and you have a 95959 zip code, you live in the incorporated area of the City of Nevada City. If you have a Nevada City address with a 5 digit house number, you live in the county. There are a small number of exceptions to this. If you are unsure, please call City Hall and we will help you. (530-265-2496 x100)

Where Can I get more Information about Fire Preparedness?
Visit our Wildfire Preparedness page for information.
      Fire Department
      Sam Goodspeed
      Division Chief

      Fire Department
      201 Providence Mine Road
      Nevada City, CA 95959

      Phone: 530-265-2351

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      8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      7 days per week
      City Hall | 317 Broad Street Nevada City, CA 95959  |  Phone: (530) 265-2496  |  Fax: (530) 265-0187
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