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News & Announcements

News & Announcements
Please join the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe and the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP) as they celebrate the month of November Nisenan Heritage Month. Read More
The City is in need of 1:1 match for a State Fire Assistance grant to pay for professional treatments of these properties and is in the process of developing a strategy for managing vegetation on “City Sliver” properties, through a cooperative program between the City and its residents. Read More
How to view City Council meetings and provide public comment on items on an agenda. Read More
Nevada City has uploaded all the Bodycam footage from the August 9th, 2020 Protest. Please go to the Nevada City Public Meetings YouTube Channel to view. Read More
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City Council- Special Meeting (Fire Integration): 8:00 AM
City Council Meeting: 6:30 PM
Planning Commission Meeting: 1:30 PM