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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Ordinance
At the August 25, 2016 City Council Strategic Planning Workshop, staff was directed to research the possibility of allowing a medical marijuana dispensary.   On September 28, Council was presented with a draft ordinance that outlines a process for allowing one such dispensary within City Limits. At that meeting, Council referred review of the draft ordinance to the Planning Commission for their recommendation.

Current Status:  At the January 26, 2017 special meeting, the Planning Commission 
 voted 4-0 (one vacant position) to recommend the ordinance amendments to City Council for adoption as modified.  Among the modifications made at their January meeting are the following:
  • Expand the allowed zoning designations to include: Light Industrial (LI), General Business (GB), and Local Business (LB), but exclude properties with an Historical District (HD) overlay designation.

  • Allow the City Council to issue more than one permit for medical cannabis dispensaries, provided that permittees meet all qualifying provisions.

  • Among three options provided by staff regarding employee background checks, the Planning Commission selected Option 3, allowing the business owner to determine the manner in which to evaluate and hire personnel.

  • Increase the point value to 500 for the Neighborhood Compatibility scoring component in Phase 2 of the Medical Cannabis Business and Selection Procedure, raising the total point ranking for that phase to 1,600 points.

  • Provide that all Cannabis-consumable product be sold to the customer in child-proof packaging and require that such product remain in that packaging until off the dispensary premises.

All of the recommendations made by the Planning Commission have been incorporated into the Draft Ordinance that will be heard by the City Council at their regular meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 6:30pm or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. Please email your comments to City Planner, Amy Wolfson at 

The medical dispensary ordinance, as currently drafted, can be found here.

The PowerPoint presentation presented at the December 1st workshop/informational meeting by Crystal Hodgson, Consulting Attorney can be viewed  here.

Public Comment:
     Comments Received at December 1, 2016 Workshop
     Comments Received Up to February 15, 2017

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