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Medical Cannabis Business Ordinance
At the August 25, 2016 City Council Strategic Planning Workshop, staff was directed to research the possibility of allowing a medical marijuana dispensary.   On September 28, Council was presented with a draft ordinance that outlines a process for allowing one such dispensary within City Limits. At that meeting, Council referred review of the draft ordinance to the Planning Commission for their recommendation and also directed staff to develop ordinance options and recommendations related to other State authorized medical cannabis business operations.

Current Status: 
At the March 12, 2017 regular City Council Meeting, Council heard a second reading of an Ordinance regulating medical cannabis dispensaries. The City Council voted 4-0 (Senum absent) to adopt
 the ordinance. Staff is now working on their direction to develop regulations for other medical cannabis businesses, including testing, manufacturing, distribution, cultivation and transportation of medical cannabis.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on May 18, 2017 regarding this draft Ordinance. After reviewing public testimony, the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the City Council approve the Ordinance language with an amendment to remove subsection 9.22.120 (C), which would have prohibited use of volatile solvents. The Planning Commission’s basis for removal of this section was that use of volatile solvents are used in other industries and whereby there are no further locally imposed regulation, though there may be state imposed regulations. The substantial public testimony regarding this particular issue was also considered in the Planning Commission’s recommendation. The Planning Commission also recommended modifying section 9.22.070(A.4) to fix a drafting error referencing a limited number of finalists in order to clarify that this language was only appropriate for dispensary permittee review.  The full Planning Commission discussion can be viewed on the video record available at the following link: Please refer to minutes 2:23:26 to 3:59:00 for this particular agenda item.

The draft Ordinance for the regulation of Other Medical Cannabis Businesses will be considered by the City Council for a first reading at their regular meeting on Wednesday,  June 14, 2017 at 6:30 PM or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard.

The medical cannabis dispensary ordinance, as adopted, can be found here.
The draft regulations for other medical cannabis businesses, as modified at the Planning Commission, can be found here.

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